I just want to thank you guys for everything you have taught from Level 1 to your IG posts...applying this stuff is becoming more and more fun! I just worked with a guy that has been working with a trainer for 2+ years. Nothing I did in the session was sexy. All basic reprogramming his squat and lunge. He completely felt different while doing both movements. Glutes and hamstrings were on fire. He's resistant to deadlifting because no matter who has taught him, he's always hurt his back so I'm looking forward to reprogramming that next.

Jaren Matthews

Crazy how much better I feel now that I have been squatting with the knowledge of actual proper mechanics. (All thanks to Level 1 of course)

Zach Walpert

Donnie Raimon is a Ninja! Do you know how many trainers I've been through that couldn't get me to use my hips correctly! He did it in less than a minute!

Dr. Ara Suppiah, MD

One of the most beneficial courses, from some of the most knowledgeable trainers in the industry. World class training from world class coaches that train world class athletes.

Dale Lively

Knowledge is power. This weekend I had an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Thank you David, Donnie, Jarrod, and the rest of the DBC family/amazing trainers for sharing your knowledge and providing such an incredible opportunity to grow as a fitness professional. If you have a chance to take this course, don even hesitate. They are truly raising the standard on the industry.

Danali Pontvianne Toledo

We are thrilled to announce we are Level 1 biomechanics & human movement certified! I would like to thank @dbcfit, @donnieraimon, and @jarrod_dbcfit. These guys are the ideal people you want to learn from. Their experiences and education is unmatched (loved hearing their stories), but to make things even better these guys have zero ego and are truly here to help each individual. Truly enjoyed seeing the details we've been providing our clients get backed up by the pros. They have definitely added even more value to our training.

All Trainers at MSF Sport Performance