Sports Performance

DBC is the leader in cutting edge sport performance programs. Our staff is comprised of the world’s best Strength & Conditioning coaches, Certified Athletic Trainers, Biomechanists, and Physical Therapists. The integration of these fields provides for the most complete and comprehensive sports performance program for all of our clients.

Pioneering a system that utilizes scientific and mathematical principles, we have created a superior and proven method for developing and maintaining the performance of elite professional athletes. Furthermore, we build the foundations of amateur and youth athletes, preparing them for their future careers.

Through world class training programs, we teach athletes how to move so that they gain a better understanding of how their body is designed to function. Every program is tailor-made specifically for each athlete’s body and particular sport, taking into account everything from position to team dynamics, and even minutes played. All aspects of the program play a defined role in optimizing on-field performance and reducing the risk of injury – ultimately leading to a better functioning human being.