The Principles of Breathwork March 20th, 2021


A Scientific Analysis of the Principles of Breathwork


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"Inhale, Exhale: The Principles of Breathwork - Matt Wilkins presents a scientific analysis of how humans are designed to breathe and delivers evidence-based breathwork skills that anyone can use to improve their physical performance.

a 1-day, 6-hour live course

This course explores the scientific literature to present validated research that will clarify how humans are designed to breathe efficiently and what you can do to take advantage of that knowledge to enhance any physical activity. We will cover how the human body utilizes gas exchange to produce energy, the muscular coordination required to produce an efficient breath, the physiological responses to various breathing patterns, and most importantly how to properly coach someone through breathwork fundamentals.

Intentional breathwork is the missing link to a complete training program that will allow any athlete to achieve their full potential. After taking this course you will walk away with the knowledge & tools necessary to identify breathing dysfunctions in yourself or others and implement breathwork drills to re-establish an optimal breathing pattern.

Whether you are a personal trainer, massage therapist, healthcare professional, athlete, student, or just a believer in holistic health, this course will be the best investment you could make in your journey to breathing better, feeling better, and living better!“

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