The Biomechanics of:




     DBC Level One is an introduction to the field of biomechanics. The course presents the medical and scientific research of the exercises we perform in the gym every day.  There are no prerequisites to the course so everyone from fitness enthusiasts to research scientists are welcome.


The course starts with a review of the vocabulary used in the field of biomechanics. Students learn the field-specific definitions of words that are often not the same as in common language.  This enables them to accurately and independently interpret research papers.

Once the terminology is clear, the medical and scientific research on the function of the musculoskeletal system and the mechanics of the joints is presented.  With this information, the students gain a deep understanding on the limitations and advantages of how the joints function.  This knowledge allows them to understand the reasons why some experts say an exercise is dangerous and why others say it is safe.

Following the research presentation, students are taught to perform qualitative analysis to identify the most common injury mechanisms of incorrect joint movement.  Each student then practices correcting the movement for injury prevention and efficiency.

After ample practice, the course concludes with a written and practical exam to ensure that graduates can easily identify and correct dysfunctional movements.