The assessments at DBC are one of the things that set us so far apart from the rest of the industry. Many personal trainers and various medical professionals have come up with their own assessments based on their experience over the years, but our assessments have been assembled from the most advanced orthopedic, physiology, and biomechanics sources. The majority of these sources are typically unavailable to those outside academia. Only measurements that have been repeatedly validated by the scrutiny of the scientific method are included.

Musculoskeletal and Personal Training Package:

This service takes place over a four day period of time and includes a one hour comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment, personalized corrective stretch and three day per week exercise program and three or four 1-hour individualized instructional sessions on the program.  The musculoskeletal assessment and program development will be performed by either one of the authors of the DBC Level Two Certification (Donnie Raimon or Jarrod Bonsmann) and the training sessions will be booked with one of our certified personal trainers.